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Who is Matt Duke?
Matt Duke is a softcore* rapper from Northeast Ohio and co-owner of HotttFlash Records. His album "True Ohio Playa" is currently the number one album on every chart in the world. He has been featured in magazines such as Rolling Stone, Pitchfork, Vibe, and The Source. Matt Duke is currently dating all of the Victoria's Secret models (even the white ones). When he hits the club, he consistantly gets crunk.

Get to know Matt Duke:
   Favorite color: Gold
   Favorite precious metal: Gold
   Favorite food: Gold
   Favorite rapper: Mike Jones
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  *meaning he tries not to cuss, but his raps are still awesome

We are taught that if you can’t make money as a painter, don’t waste your time with brushes and a canvas. If you can’t get a record deal, don’t bother rockin’ on the weekend. If you aren’t Einstein, don’t think about the universe. Somewhere along the line, “success” because synonymous with “talent” in music. Success is simply a friend...miles away...singing your song.
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True Ohio Playa
Released May 23, 2008
01.  Mama, I Can’t Stop Rappin’
02.  Tune In Tokyo
03.  Friday Night
04.  Now You Know
05.  Akron Breakin’ Company
06.  Soft Jams
07.  True Ohio Playa
08.  We Belong Together
09.  Ask Pooja
10.  Get Out!
11.  Duke’s Been Drinkin’ Again
12.  Havin’ Things
Produced by:  Matt Duke
Mixed by:  Matt Duke & Jesse Barr
Album Design:  Tim McClurg
Original Art:  Tim McClurg
Photography:  Kristen Delaney
All tracks copyright Matt Duke 2008, except for track 8 and track 10.